Is Marriage the “end all to be all…”

No, it’s not….. =/

Sorry to ruin anyone’s personal fantasy. ( Especially for women) I’m not here to bash marriage, because someday I would LOVE to get married. But for me marrying is not considered my ultimate accomplishment in life.

I’ve come to know a life through Christ that’s been truly fulfilling more than any man could ever really give me. When I get married, will I be excited…of course! But I’m not seeking marriage as my ultimate goal in life. There are other things to seek and accomplish BEFORE you get married and AFTER you married. But I don’t look at marriage as this fairy tale “end all to be all.”


A friend of mine shared the above video on Facebook and it really sparked something in me. I have been that woman. The woman obsessed with finding “the one.” But now, because I’ve come to grow deeper in my love walk with Christ, he’s helping me BECOME “the one.” I want to be a great gift to my husband and I want to be complete and whole before he finds me.

The best way to do that: continue to pursue all that God has for me and let him define what my true accomplishment in life should be.