#FallingUpward: What are you ‘filled’ with?

At Tuesday night’s Bible Study, my Pastor made a point that has been sticking with me all week: “What are you filled with?”

He defined fill as in “what are you allowing to influence your decisions.”

He went on to make some good points:

  1. Whatever you give your mind/heart to is what will influence your choices ( if you’re filled with the Word, then that will lead you, if you’re filled with worldly thoughts, that will lead you as well..away from God!)
  2. When you’re filled with other things, there’s no room for the Holy Spirit to fully reign in your life. You limit the ability of the Holy Spirit to work through you in your life, because he doesn’t go against our free will. ( The Holy Spirit can only respond to the Word that’s put in you.)
  3. If we’re being filled with the Holy Spirit, then it shouldn’t be so easy for the enemy to “dump” his toxic thoughts into our minds.

This last point really hit home with me because I know I often struggle with my thought process. I’m constantly having to tell my flesh we don’t think that way anymore.                  (Especially when pain hits!)

Side Note: If you have ever used unhealthy methods to sooth pain, your brain is programmed to go to old habits to get a “fix” to feel better. The thought becomes second nature. And the saying is true that old habits are hard to break. Jesus! )

Pastor brought up the example of Aninias and his wife in Acts 5:1-7. Do we even fight the enemy when he tries to plant a negative seed in our thoughts? Or do we allow the seed to take root and we meditate on it all day, giving the enemy the satisfaction of what he wants?

To counteract this, my pastor brought up the idea of being intentional in pursuing peace. Being mindful and guarding your heart ( your mind and your ears) Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s a lot easier to go with the negative thought than to fight against it and come to peace. Especially depending on the situation. We all have our struggles, I know I can’t be alone!

But for me, I had to do a reality check  When I get hit with stuff and I have to make a choice whether to take the seed of the enemy or pursue the peace of God, am I allowing the Holy Spirit to lead me or do I go with my flesh? What have I intentionally set my mind on?

Lately, I’ve been going with my flesh. I can’t lie. =/  And although it hasn’t been MAJOR things in my life, or some of the bigger sins I once delved in, the small things count too.     (Sin is sin!) For example, how I treat my coworkers at work. The past few weeks, I can’t say I’ve been the nicest. I’ve had several incidents where my attitude had to be put in check. I’ve had to apologize to coworkers, and even humble myself and offer help to people that made me mad. It takes being filled and lead by the Holy Spirit to walk that out! Believe me!  I’ve learned a lot about my nice-nasty ways in treating people lately, and I thank God for showing me truth. It’s a blessing, so that I can now walk forward with him in fixing it.

So I encourage you that the next time you have to make a decision, stop to think who or what is filling you? Who or what is driving you in your choices? And that as you grow in your walk, to practice being more intentional about what you set your mind on.

Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is worthy of respect, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if something is excellent or praiseworthy, think about these things.”

#FallingUpward….to be continued




#FallingUpward: “Don’t Let your Deliverance Become Common”

During Friday night service my Pastor said something that has stuck with me all weekend:

“Don’t let your deliverance become common.”

When I heard this it pricked my heart immediately! Pastor went on to say that we take the miracle of salvation for granted. We belittle salvation as if giving your life to Christ is “common.” But we forget what it took to draw us from our darkness into God’s light. That the only way we could come is if God has touched our hearts & given us the invitation to be His child.

Lately I find myself struggling with an attitude of arrogance. I’ve found myself with this ” I got it from here God” mentality. The fact that God brought me out of a tough situation and now I feel like I’m good, I can “coast” in life now.

But oh no! I still need God just the same. Whether Im “free/delivered” or bound. With the grace of God he broke cycles in my life and with the grace of God is how I have to maintain this new “era” of my life.

I don’t know what Im doing without God. Litetally this kind of freedom is new to me. It was something unimaginable for years!

How arrogant of me to try and discount God, when HE brought me out! By HIS grace, HIS mercy! Not me. Part of me didn’t want to come out. My flesh liked what I was doing. But only bc the Holy Spirit lives in me was I even able to be pricked to give it all a second thought to get it together.

And if I dont keep relying on the Holy Spirit, I could easily go back. Trust me when I say it was not “overnight” that God broke a 5 year cycle. And I have to go back and look at what it took to really grab me out of that hole, and I was SAVED! Just defeated and trapped in a cycle. 

Is that what I want to return to? A life of defeat even when I have the Holy Spirit living in me and he WANTS to help?!

I can’t take for granted what God did and I’m still fresh out, so really who am I?!

Who am I?! And this is the attitude I have to keep in order to check my arrogant mentality. Because without the grace of God, where would I be? Who would i be without him working in my life to clean up my messes?

So my challenge has been to keep a heart of gratitude towards God. In big and small stuff he does. Because he didnt have to. He could’ve left me there, gave up on me 3 years ago when I gave up. But he hung in there with me. Longsuffering, grace, mercy…thank God for his love & kindness.

And when I think on these things, how could I ever look at my deliverance as something “common.” It was a great miracle, only done by the handiwork of God and his love.  ❤

#FallingUpward: “Developed in the Dark”

So far this year, Developed in the Dark has been one of my favorite SUB30 messages preached this year. Pastor Layton taught this lesson a little over a month ago and I didn’t have the chance to really share how it blessed me.

I took a few notes and I wanted to share. The take away I want you to have is this: part of “Falling Upward” is being able to trust God in the dark places when it seems like nothing is happening, or you’re unsure of where your path will lead you.  The quote that stood out the most to me was this:

“you’ll never be discovered in the light, if you’re afraid to be developed in the dark.”

Here are my notes as follows and I hope they encourage you on your journey, because these words have been encouraging to me. It just seems as if, now that God has brought me over a huge hurdle in my life,  I keep asking what’s next? I feel like I’ve reached a plateau and I’m trying to figure out what God has for me next to keep it moving. But now that I’ve learned how to be settled in some things and my life has slowed down a little, he’s been teaching me to trust him in the waiting.


Scripture: 1 Samuel 16: 1-14 and 2Samuel 5: 4-5

We currently live in a “snap and upload” generation vs. really understanding the development process of things in life

God seeks anointing over talent and character over gifts.

God’s Kingdom is a dark room meant to develop the light in you.

God is the photographer and we’re the picture. God picks the picture that best suites his reflection as the photographer because he makes us. We were made in God’s image, not the image we have tried to create for ourselves!

God didn’t choose us to be “photo copies” he chose us to be original masterpieces created by Him.

When we feel like we’re in the dark, remember God will find us right where he left us. So in the dark places, continue to be faithful in your walk with him. Do what you know to do and remain faithful. God sees what other people overlook.

David spent 20 years in the dark before he finally became king. He was anointed to become king, but had to go through a period of development.

“Cave experiences develop you for the castle that God has for you.”

Below is the video of Pastor Layton, I encourage you to watch it and to gather some notes of your own and I hope that it blesses you.

03/13/16 – SUB30 – Pastor Layton Germann -Developed In The Dark from Celebration Church on Vimeo.

A Heart of Thanks

Heart of Thanks -3

I just wanted to write a post, to say how thankful I am for all the love and support that I have received in venturing on my missions trip to LA this Summer. In less than a month, I’ve reached my goal ( and some) and I am fully funded and ready to go.

Truly God has been faithful and had much favor on my life. It really amazes me because at the beginning of the month I only had about $260 and I needed only $800 to buy my plane ticket, but I ended up being fully funded! How great is that. God constantly does abundantly above and beyond what we ask him for.

My hand painted mugs have really been a great blessing. Surprisingly people love them! I literally stepped out on faith, not thinking I would get many orders. And now I’ve done almost 40 mugs in about 3 weeks! Again, God is amazing and awesome.

I am truly humbled by it all. God continues to show me just what he can do in my life if I just have faith, wait on him and trust that he has me. It’s been an interesting season of my life and through this fundraising for the trip he has taught me so much. I really do have a heart of gratitude because he really did make a way. I’m not being cliche when I say God made a way out of NO WAY! I once heard Pastor Clay from Celebration say that we need to experience more “no way” moments with God. Well, this has been my “no way” moment. I am convinced that what I’ve seen happen in the last few weeks can only be accredited to God alone, and he is due my praise!

So thank you Lord Jesus! Bless your name Father God for showing me more and more how to trust you. That your name can be tried, and even with a little bit of faith, courage will come as I follow you in all that I do. Amen.

Thank you to everyone who has helped contribute to my trip. Prayers, money, buying a mug, sharing my facebook post. It all helped, and I appreciate the support beyond what words can really say. I look forward to going to the LA Dream Center and I’m sure it’s an experience I won’t forget!

God has continued to honor his word in helping me to fall upward into his love as a safety net. Only 4 months into the new year and God has been more than faithful in this Falling Upward journey. If you haven’t joined me yet, please do. I encourage you to take the leap today and embrace the love of God with no fear and regrets and watch him show himself faithful! Cause he’s able and he WILL!