Monthly Archive: April, 2016

#FallingUpward: What are you ‘filled’ with?

At Tuesday night’s Bible Study, my Pastor made a point that has been sticking with me all week: “What are you filled with?” He defined fill as in “what are you allowing to… Continue reading

#FallingUpward: “Don’t Let your Deliverance Become Common”

During Friday night service my Pastor said something that has stuck with me all weekend: “Don’t let your deliverance become common.” When I heard this it pricked my heart immediately! Pastor went on… Continue reading

#FallingUpward: “Developed in the Dark”

So far this year, Developed in the Dark has been one of my favorite SUB30 messages preached this year. Pastor Layton taught this lesson a little over a month ago and I didn’t… Continue reading

A Heart of Thanks

I just wanted to write a post, to say how thankful I am for all the love and support that I have received in venturing on my missions trip to LA this Summer.… Continue reading