The TRUE Treasure

All week long, God has really been working on my heart about how I treat people and handling HIS people through the love of God. Last Sunday my Pastor gave a message about building the body of Christ and how each person adds something different to the Kingdom as a whole. In that he also talked about how we deal with people and that our mindset should always be to restore one another and reconcile one another through the love of Christ.

The more I think on this and pray, I’m starting to realize just why the true treasures of this earth are people and not material things.

The TRUE Treasure

Matthew 6:19 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.”

For a long time I thought the true treasure was about being saved, coming to know of Christ and walking in a life of righteousness, and being free from the power of sin. And although all of those things are great things of value, it still doesn’t trump God being able to trust you with HIS people.

I’m learning more and more through friendships and general relationships, that people are fragile. It takes being mindful of the Holy Spirit in knowing how to treat and handle people in day-to-day encounters.

I was listening to Hillary Clinton speak last night during the Democratic National Convention and she said something that was so true: We are not meant to go through life alone.  Hearing her say this made me realize how much this applies even to our spiritual journey. So I’ve made a decision to become more conscious about how I treat people because I never know 1. who I will need to help me out one day and 2. How God has orchestrated for other people to be a part of my greater purpose in life and vice versa. I may be a part of helping someone in their purpose.

Sometimes I get hesitant because rubbing up against people can cause conflict, and I don’t like conflict. ( I struggle with healthy conflict. I’m always the peacemaker.)  But I’m also learning, this is how we grow together! We’ll never grow if we aren’t around others to point things out and show us something different. We’d just live life to ourselves thinking we’re okay, when we really aren’t.

But, my prayer all week long has been the bigger picture. That as believers, we are going to have to give an account for what we do in this life, including how we treated people. The scriptures talk about what good is it to have gifts and talents but don’t have love? And that is what to boils down to.

How can I show people more of God’s love? How can I reach beyond myself so that I don’t become selfish. It’s like God keeps reminding me that I have to stay humble, because I’m always asking ” Who am I?” No one without the help of God. It’s an honor when God can trust you with people. To help lead, or to help restore someone or draw them near to him. That he wants to use you to do HIS will in the earth.

But if we are so consumed with self and going after material things, we’ll miss that the true treasure is people. I’m learning to value people more. I want to learn to value people based on what God is doing in their lives and the blessing he wants them to be to others for the sake of his kingdom. We serve God by serving his people, and you won’t serve people you don’t value.



31 to be EXACT

I have a poetry show this coming Saturday and every time I get ready to do a show, I always watch videos of some of my favorite spoken word artists.

One of them is Janette.. IKZ of P4CM. I fell in love with her after hearing her poem “I Waited for You” dedicated to her husband. After that, I couldn’t get enough of her poems and performances. I just love the power and the energy she brings to the stage and how passionate she is in the words God gives her to speak through her poems.

Today I’m sharing a piece of her’s about the Proverbs 31 status of a Godly woman. One of my favorite pieces done by her. ( Even though I have like tons of favorite by her! Lol.) I hope you enjoy it and I encourage you to share it with other young women reminding them who we’ve been made to be through Christ, and not what society tries to mold us into.


And THAT’s How it’s Done!

I had to share Michelle Obama’s speech from the DNC, because how can you not like her?! She’s the best First Lady we’ve had in years. I love her and how she carries herself and the role model she has become to many young women my age and others.

I do believe she will still be a powerful force in the community beyond Barack Obama’s presidency. She will be a face that we will continue to see well into the years to come.

Although she was speaking in support of Hillary Clinton, I’m all ready for Michelle Obama 2020! lol. (Just throwing that out there though!)

Steven Furtick: Getting Back my Confidence

Lately I’ve really been on this binge of watching messages from Pastor Steven Furtick. He’s really an amazing minister and if you haven’t heard him or aren’t familiar with him and his church, I would encourage you to log onto Youtube and check them out. (SIDE NOTE: Elevation Church also has an amazing worship team. Check them out, their music is such a blessing!)

I watched his latest upload (twice) and I can’t tell you how much it was needed for me to see this sermon. I’ve been at this weird place in my life of where I’m not where I want to be, but I’m far from who I used to be. So now, I’m just sitting in what Pastor Furtick said in his message is “the gap.”

When he gave this illustration, I couldn’t believe how perfectly he put into words what I had been feeling for several months on and off now. The focus of his message overall though was that while you’re in this gap of becoming who you want to be, and moving forward in the will of God for your life, DON’T LOSE CONFIDENCE IN THE WORD.

He preached from  Hebrews 10:35-37, a familiar passage of scripture, when Paul was letting the people know not to loose their confidence and that God would come through on his promises after a while.

It’s funny how this message aligns with what my own Pastor preached this past Sunday, about staying steadfast in trials and trusting what God put in you to withstand the trial. Also, believing that if God has poured into you the strength to endure a trial, that you’ll be left standing when it’s all over. Don’t be weary in well doing because God is faithful to the end.

Hearing Pastor Furtick’s message was truly confirmation. The last couple of weeks have been really full for me. I’ve had a lot on my plate, doing different activities and it can be easy to get weighed down. Working faithfully for the Lord, but then I forget who God really is. It seems like this last week leading up to now, I’ve truly been prayerful in asking God to help me get through it by HIS grace and mercy; not my own. To help me to have faith and pace myself to do his will, so that I don’t get burnt out. But that I find joy in serving people all week long. Serving in my family, at work, at church, my friends. Making sure he’s honored in all my activities. And if he’s honored with what I’m done then I’m confident in my relationship with him and that everything else will fall into place as he sees fit.

Take a view at the message below. I really hope it blesses you. Please share it with others and help them regain their confidence in all that the Lord is doing in their lives as well.


Steven Furtick: What About the Worm?

My life has been in a very interesting state the last month or so. I went from a spiritual high and constant pushing and growth, then I started to hit this plateau and it’s been a hard fight not to be discouraged in my well doing.

It’s not that I’m giving up by any means, but the fight has been weighing heavy lately.

I’ve been going through these ups and downs in my emotions. Some days I’m fine, other days I’m frustrated, but through it all my constant resolve has been to push through and keep a good attitude. I truly believe God is working on my patience and trusting him in all things; especially my career.

So I love watching videos from Elevation Church. Other than my own Pastor, Steven Furtick has to be one of my favorite people to hear preach. This message in particular stood out to me because it goes to show how sometimes God sends provisions for us, but the provisions may not meet our preference. 

And this is kind of where I am in life. God has been sending provisions and making sure all my needs have been met, but there’s this thing in me that says it’s not enough. I’m tired of living paycheck to paycheck. I want my OWN car. I keep feeling like, even though I have a job I could be doing so much more and that I’m stifled because I’m not working in my full capacity.

And it’s like God has met the basic need, yet I find a way to complain instead of being thankful. I could be doing a lot worse, even though I feel like things are tight. And Pastor Furtick said something that captured the whole message for me: Some people get delivered from their situation/sin, but they never get  delivered from their selfishness.

And I believe that’s where I find myself lately. Being more selfish and thinking I could be doing better, and I deserve more; when truth is what am I doing with what I have now? Am I truly exhausting all my means and getting the full use out of where I am in life? Or do I just think having more will make me happier or more “accomplished?”

So I’m sharing this video with you, and I hope it speaks to you in one way or another. The video hit several key points for me, even some I didn’t necessarily share. I would encourage you to watch this video and then evaluate your own life. There’s a lot to be taken from this video and I hope it’s a blessing to you as it was to me!