The TRUE Treasure

All week long, God has really been working on my heart about how I treat people and handling HIS people through the love of God. Last Sunday my Pastor gave a message about building the body of Christ and how each person adds something different to the Kingdom as a whole. In that he also talked about how we deal with people and that our mindset should always be to restore one another and reconcile one another through the love of Christ.

The more I think on this and pray, I’m starting to realize just why the true treasures of this earth are people and not material things.

The TRUE Treasure

Matthew 6:19 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.”

For a long time I thought the true treasure was about being saved, coming to know of Christ and walking in a life of righteousness, and being free from the power of sin. And although all of those things are great things of value, it still doesn’t trump God being able to trust you with HIS people.

I’m learning more and more through friendships and general relationships, that people are fragile. It takes being mindful of the Holy Spirit in knowing how to treat and handle people in day-to-day encounters.

I was listening to Hillary Clinton speak last night during the Democratic National Convention and she said something that was so true: We are not meant to go through life alone.  Hearing her say this made me realize how much this applies even to our spiritual journey. So I’ve made a decision to become more conscious about how I treat people because I never know 1. who I will need to help me out one day and 2. How God has orchestrated for other people to be a part of my greater purpose in life and vice versa. I may be a part of helping someone in their purpose.

Sometimes I get hesitant because rubbing up against people can cause conflict, and I don’t like conflict. ( I struggle with healthy conflict. I’m always the peacemaker.)  But I’m also learning, this is how we grow together! We’ll never grow if we aren’t around others to point things out and show us something different. We’d just live life to ourselves thinking we’re okay, when we really aren’t.

But, my prayer all week long has been the bigger picture. That as believers, we are going to have to give an account for what we do in this life, including how we treated people. The scriptures talk about what good is it to have gifts and talents but don’t have love? And that is what to boils down to.

How can I show people more of God’s love? How can I reach beyond myself so that I don’t become selfish. It’s like God keeps reminding me that I have to stay humble, because I’m always asking ” Who am I?” No one without the help of God. It’s an honor when God can trust you with people. To help lead, or to help restore someone or draw them near to him. That he wants to use you to do HIS will in the earth.

But if we are so consumed with self and going after material things, we’ll miss that the true treasure is people. I’m learning to value people more. I want to learn to value people based on what God is doing in their lives and the blessing he wants them to be to others for the sake of his kingdom. We serve God by serving his people, and you won’t serve people you don’t value.