Monthly Archive: August, 2016

How Time Flies…

So as I was browsing my facebook memories, I came across a note that I wrote in August of 2009. I read this note and found out a couple of things that still… Continue reading

The Next Generation: Taking the Land!

I heard this message from Pastor Layton at Riot and I absolutely had to share! Normally Riot is the youth ministry at Celebration Church Jacksonville, for middle and highschool students. But when I… Continue reading

His Answer

Has God ever answered a prayer and you didnt even realize he had answered it because you were focusing on the negative things in your life? For the past year, I’ve been complaining… Continue reading


Calling all actors and singers! There’s an audition coming near you soon… Please come out on Aug 20th for a chance to be a part of this amazing project from Tangled Webb Productions.… Continue reading