How Time Flies…

So as I was browsing my facebook memories, I came across a note that I wrote in August of 2009. I read this note and found out a couple of things that still remain true today several years later:

  1. I’ve continued to be just as ambitious NOW as I was THEN
  2. My goals have changed slightly, but writing with purpose , nonetheless
  3. I started that blog, THIS BLOG, and the rest is pretty much history. I had no idea I would still be writing 7 years later.
  4. I’m still destined to be a star…One day! Lol. =) ( Can’t a girl hope?!)

Here is the official post from my Facebook memories:

While sitting home watching late night reality tv, I was suddenly motivated and inspired. The idea of watching other people follow their dreams made me reevaluate my own life dreams. I’ve been watching other people’s reality for so long on tv that I thought maybe it was time i start living more of my own reality.

Just like the “stars” of the tv shows, I have my own dreams. I have talent, but it’s going to waste as I watch other people live their lives. It’s become obvious they didn’t get where they are by sitting around watching other people. So I began thinking it was time I gained a little more passion about what it is I want out of life.

I dream of being a successful journalist in either New York or LA, with my own fashion line.But it’s obvious dreaming is NOT ENOUGH. I began to realize that in order for me to get anywhere, I have to be more dedicated. I have to start taking steps necessary to get to the next level. One of those steps is to simply begin a weekly blog.

This could promote my writing as an aspiring journalist. Every week I plan to post new material and hopefully you all will comment and tell me what you think. As a journalist I want to connect with my audience and touch on things they might enjoy reading.

I want this blog to be both fun and serious, but overall the keyword here is INTERACTIVE. I need as much feedback as possible because you all are my audience. If there are any issues in particular you would like for me to address, feel free to email me.

Hopefully this will help to motivate others to take a stronger stance on the things they want to do in life. Recently I’ve come to the conclusion that going to college is not enough. Sometimes it requires a little more passion to go above and beyond for the things we dream most of in life. Nothing is ever handed to us free in life. There’s so much to learn and always new things to discover. But one thing is for sure: living my own reality beats watching other people live their reality.

Photo: Me, 7 years ago…me oh my..! =/

Photo: Me, NOW 2016


But the concept still remains true as I’ve acted on it more and more over the years. My life can’t just be about watching other people. Action has to occur with the dream, and since 2009 I took that step and my life has never been the same. I started that journey in 2009 and had no idea it would lead me here: full circle.

Thanks for being a part of my journey guys!


The Next Generation: Taking the Land!

I heard this message from Pastor Layton at Riot and I absolutely had to share! Normally Riot is the youth ministry at Celebration Church Jacksonville, for middle and highschool students. But when I was listening to the message, it truly could apply to anyone!

This word really came as confirmation to me that God is calling a new generation of people who will go into the dark places and be the light vs. asking God to send people. This next generation will be the people willing to go and attract people through their lives.

Pastor Layton said a few key points that stood out to me:

  1. The church is not meant to be just 4 walls. It’s in the people who God sends with his word. We are meant to spread the word outside of the church because those are the people who need to hear it.
  2. Light functions best in darkness, not in the presence of more light. We were meant to stand out. We were meant to take God’s word and truth with us wherever we go and be the light.
  3. We were meant to multiply God’s Kingdom, not just add to it. We were meant to go out and create more followers of Christ. And it involves us reaching out to people, not just an invite to church, but actively seeking out others who will be active in God’s Kingdom.
  4.  Jesus has a singular message: COME, Jesus has a singular commission: GO. Some of us are willing to COME, but not many are willing to GO once they’ve gotten the word.
  5. The victory of a battle isn’t in winning, it’s in being willing to walk during the battle. ‘If I walk the land is mine.’ So as long as you keep walking, you’ve won. Don’t stand stagnant.

I keep hearing this constant echo about the next generation being will to rise up and go out and meet people where they are to bring them to Christ. I feel it all down in my pinky toe at times that I just may be one of those people. Especially in the last year how God has organized my life, the things I’ve been a part of the doors he has opened, the words he has spoken…how can I not feel that constant push! It’s exciting and scary to know that God is calling you to make such an impact.

08/17/16 – RIOT – Layton Germann – Take The Land from Celebration Church on Vimeo.

I loved the fact that they are also switching up the way they do Riot. Normally it’s one day out of the week held at the arena. But soon, they’ll have Riot where it will be happening at several locations in Jacksonville on that one night a week, so that they’re able to reach more people in the community. Awesome plan, and I am praying it accomplishes God’s will!

This message was simple, but very practical and very REAL! It met me right in the place where God keeps trying to nudge me. Thank you lord for confirmation and encouragement to continue in being steadfast and confident in HIM.

I encourage you to share this blog post as another way to spread God’s word and reach out to others. You never know who else might need to hear this so they too can become a part of the next generation going into the darkness being God’s representative of light.

His Answer

Has God ever answered a prayer and you didnt even realize he had answered it because you were focusing on the negative things in your life?

For the past year, I’ve been complaining to God about my job. It’s like I have this love-hate relationship. I love what I do, but the pay isnt so great & I often feel like I work beneath my capacity.

So a few days ago, as Im journaling, praying to God and venting about my fustration, God says to me ” but have I not been faithful?”

And my response was “yes.” and I started listing in my mind all the good that has come from my job. In doing so I realized the good outweighed the bad by a long shot. God quickly reminded me 1. It was never about the job itself as to why he put me there. I was put there on assignment for his purpose. 2. Not to take for granted all the grooming both career wise and spiritually he’s done in me since I got the job.

But the thing that he hit me with had nothing to do with work at all. He reminded me of something I prayed for a year ago. A year ago I prayed to God about falling in love with him like I had never experieneced before. I wanted to reach a place where I really knew of his love. I prayed that in April 2015 and just forgot about it after a while.

But little did I know 2016 would become this “upward falling” journey that would happen right before my eyes. I was blogging about it at the beginnkng of the year and still didnt fully grasp he was answering my prayer!!!

In the past 8 months God has answered that prayer and MORE! From my little sister being saved, to restoring relationships, to building true spiritual friends, to me going on my missions trip to LA, even to opening doors to get more experience in my professional field. He’s truly been faithful.

So how funny is it that God answered one prayer by reminding me of another prayer? He showed me all of that to say: if I was faithful then, I will be faithful even with the job. I can’t get stuck on this ONE thing when all year long God has been faithful in 5 other areas. My journey is much bigger than that one piece, & sometimes we forget and need a reminder.

God has been faithful. MORE than faithful. This is also a way to encourage yourself in tight spots of life. When you feel frustrated or stagnant, but remember how faithful God has been in other areas. The areas you overlooked and forgot that he even answered to begin with.

The more I thought on all that he’s done in the last 8 months, really the last year, the less I focused on being upset with my job. God answers prayers in HIS timing, not ours. So no matter how much I complain, only God knows when to open the door.

It reminds me of something my pastor mentioned in Bible Study months ago. In John16: 17-33 the disciples were so stuck on the tribulation they would have to face that they missed Jesus giving them the gift of the Holy Spirit to get thru the tribulations!

This is exactly what happened. I was so stuck on one thing being tight that I forgot how God had been blessing me so good in other areas.

Don’t be like me or the disciples and forget when we need to remember! Remember all that God has done and how faithful he has been and know that he will continue to be faithful. God keeps his word, he hears us and he doea answer prayers. Even if his answer isnt the answer we expected.