His Faithfulness Blows my Mind!

The last few months of my life have been interesting to say the least, and all I can say is that God keeps showing me just how much he loves me.

Have you ever found yourself mad or frustrated with your situation and “pouting” to God asking him “why?” and “How come…” and yet he keeps blessing you with opportunities and he keeps opening doors and he keeps giving you grace and mercy?!

Only God could do such a thing. I can imagine if it were left up to me, I would’ve gave up on me a long time ago. I’m really stubborn at times and hard to deal with it I know it takes the grace of God to deal with me. I think of all the people that have had to be around me the last few weeks and them having to deal with my attitude and stubbornness. I thank God that he gave them the grace to stick around.

But IN SPITE OF, NEVERTHELESS, GOD has provided me with yet another opportunity to work on a marketing project. Two have been presented to me in the last 24 hours. How awesome is that?! While I’m complaining about feeling stagnant at work, and in the middle of this dark phase in my life, God has continuously ( in the last 2 months) provided side projects that allow me to develop my marketing skills and build a resume for my own marketing company.

I mean, my how faithful God is! I mean he could just have shut it all down. Closed every door and just left me hanging, but right in the middle of all my dirt, he throws me an unexpected blessing. And all I can say is “Wow.” It literally leaves me speechless, because it just goes to show that some stuff God has for you is beyond even you.

When you feel undeserving or like you’ve failed, God does something to show you that he still loves you and he still cares.

So, I encourage you to take a moment and to reflect on how faithful God has been. Remember all that he has done and let his resume of faithfulness be your encouragement moving forward.

Psalms 36:5  Your steadfast love, O LORD, extends to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds.


The Battle During the Harvest

So I’ve been following online the Code Orange revival of Elevation Church in North Carolina. I absolutely love this church, I love  Pastor Steven Furtick and watching all 10 messages online have truly been a blessing.

I’ve been watching these messages online, as I’ve been going through my own struggle with accepting truth in my life. I’ve been struggling with finding my relationship with God becoming tight and dried out and this push to want to quit, but knowing I can’t. I’ve been feeling distant and scared and I’ve had moments in the last 10 days where I was worried if I would be able to hear God.

But every message I have watched has blessed me. It’s given me some kind of hope to keep fighting. To keep digging for truth even if it doesn’t seem like it’s working or sinking into my stubborn brain!

So today, I watched the final message from Steven Furtick and it was like a light bulb clicked. He talked about how, the enemy doesn’t care about us receiving the word, or God sowing seed in our lives. The biggest battles we face are always around the time of harvest. The enemy’s goal is to get you to not bring forth fruit. So he fights you, sends things your way.

Hearing this message, shed light on my current situation. Before I was frustrated and felt like I was just failing all over again. But knowing that the enemy attacks when it’s time to harvest gave me a new perspective. The enemy wouldn’t bother me if  he didn’t think I was about to grow some fruit. So evidently what I was doing was working after all, even though it didn’t feel like it. It’s like God had been planting seed all year long, and just around the time of harvest, the enemy tries to make me go cold in my relationship. Well now that I know what I know, I refuse to give the devil what he wants.

I know God didn’t bring me this far, for me to just die out. And I mean in almost a year he has brought me far! My relationship with God in the last year has really blossomed beyond my expectation.

I was having a conversation with my mentor, whom I consider my spiritual father in the earth, this morning, and he pretty much preached what Steven Furtick preached. So how great was that confirmation.

I think I was expecting to have things change because I was holding onto God and being faithful. But sometimes, stuff doesn’t change right away. I’ve been waiting on a change for almost 3 years now, and I was getting frustrated. I was growing spiritually but around me everything else was the same. And after talking with my mentor and watching this message I realize God wants me to learn to be still and trust him as I wait. That it’s not about him being a “genie.” Just because I hold on and do right, I shouldn’t expect a reward. But sometimes I just have to hold on to hold on and trust God to come through.

So today I encourage you to hold onto your seed that God has given you. If he has given you a word, know that his word is still valid until he comes. No matter how long the wait. Just don’t let the enemy frustrate you that he robs you of your harvest.


Receive with Gladness

So im my walk with God and just in life I have come to learn, that receiving truth isn’t always easy.

When the truth is ugly, and it’s about you, it can hurt. But truth has to be spoken in order to grow. If no one ever shined a light in the dark, how would we know we were living in darkness to begin with?

Act2:37-47 talks about how the disciples preached and the crowd “gladly” recived the word after having their hearts pricked.

How do you gladly recieve a word that points out error in your life?  I’ve learned that it’s not about if the truth is easy to digest or not, but that overtime God’s truth has to become an acquired taste. The more you walk w God, the more you come to love a certain level of truth.

Sometimes when truth hits it wont always feel good, and you may not want to recieve it right away. But what makes you receive it w gladness is knowing that God gives truth with purpose in mind. He reveals truth to provide answers & wisdom that are in our best intetest.

God giving us truth is him giving us love. So if we refuse his truth then we refuse his love.

We need his truth more than we think we do. God’s truth is given with the whole picture in mind, not just the moment we see & can’t get past.

So I encourage you to keep taking in God’s word as truth. Even if you choke on it in trying to live it out.  Even if its a hard truth & you’re honest w God, he’ll help you get through it.

EnJOY the Journey

My Pastor said something key today and I had to share: The thing that should keep our relationship fresh with Christ is that we enjoy the journey. Everyday is a new day to find JOY in the relationship. Everyday is a new day for God to reveal more of himself to you. A new day to reveal more of who you are in HIM.

This is sooo good. Such a good reminder because I had found myself in a stale place in my walk with God. I literally was on fire all year long & then started to sizzle out the last two months.

Crazy enough as I did my own devotion & journaling last night, God pointed out this exact concept to me. He brought to my attention that I needed to go back to focusing on loving him all over again & enjoying the journey of just loving on him. Going back to “Falling Upward” all over again & remembering his faithfulness.

So I encourage you to find JOY in your journey with God. Don’t allow life & circumstances to dictate the excitement of your walk with Christ. But let the JOY be found in God revealing more of himself to you.

Know that your walk with God is personal & special. My walk doesnt look like yours and your walk doesnt look like mine. God works on diffefent things in all of us. Even though our journeys may be different, the end of eternal life is still the same & that also should bring us joy.