Monthly Archive: October, 2016

#FallingUpward: God is my Recompense

So today has been an interesting day already and I’m only halfway through the day. Early this morning God came to test me about my patience and my ability to trust him as… Continue reading

Meanwhile..Holiday Season is Around the Corner

While everyone is out trick or treating waiting around  for the Holiday season like…. *sips hot chocolate & cues Holiday music* Xoxo “Tis the Season…” ❄

Juggling Life

#Thestruggle to juggle life is REAL, but so is GOD! There are just some things in life, where I KNOW it’s only by the grace of God that I am getting through it… Continue reading

Easier Said than Done

Why is it that social media makes everything look so easy? I follow a lot of entrepreneurs on social media, people who own their own businesses and they always make it look so… Continue reading

TRUE Beauty for Ashes

“You can’t have true beauty for ashes if you never put yourself on the altar!” – Pastor Ervin Jones Last night at Bible study, my Pastor preached an awesome message about the true… Continue reading

Beauty in being Found

I think I will forever be touched by stories in the Bible that talk about God finding us in the midst of our sins and still choosing to love us. The idea that… Continue reading