Small steps..BIG Faith

So, finally after deliberating for months..I’ve decided to take on my mugs and potentially create a business. This is something I wondered about for months, and just was never really sure if I was ready.

I  started doing my mugs as a fundraiser for my missions trip in July. The mugs did really well and I kept getting request to continue afterwards. A lot of people were saying I should go into business and that I was really good at what I did. If you had asked me a year ago if this was going to be a “thing” in my life…I would’ve laughed and said NO!

Anywho, all year long I’ve been enjoying creating the mugs for orders here and there. But now I’ve sifted through everything and I’m ready to take a step of faith and see what could happen if I went full force. I know that one of my goals has always been to run and manage my own business, but I would’ve never guessed this would be my route per say.

But, I figure start small and see what happens. Trust God as I go. So I kind of started marketing midway in November. I’ve created a Facebook and Instagram page for now, but in 2017 I am looking to do a lot more. And also, not just sticking to only mugs, but to expand to other simple home decor items.

It’s kind of scary, but also kind of exciting. I guess I’ll never know until I try and even if I fail, there’s always a lesson to be learned. I’ve been on the path before trying to start a 2011 I wanted to start my own entertainment marketing company, but God was like no. =/ So…here I am..way more mature and way more spiritually minded about my path in life.

Please keep me in your prayers. Be sure to stay tuned and support! I’ve created a special tab on the page for Ignited Soul Expressions and 2017 should be very interesting.


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