I know I haven’t written anything in a while, because the last few months have been quite a journey. Today I had to go back to an old message that helped keep me during my walk with Christ a few years ago. Although this message is from 2015, it has remained a favorite message of mine that I always go back to.

It’s called “Checkmate” and it was preached at Celebrations’s SUB30 back in October 2015 by Pastor Clay.

When I initially heard this message, I was in a place where I had been in a constant five year cycle with men and relationships and I was constantly wanting to be free. Free from the cycle, free from fear, free from my past, free from everything that kept holding me back from really running after God at the time. And I remember hearing this message and envisioning myself free even though I didn’t “feel” free , or even though true freedom didn’t even happen until months later.

I always consider this message to be the catapult of me believing I could be free and that I wasn’t just trapped with no way out. And I remember writing in my notes that this message was of things to come. And ever since this message was preached, I find myself several times in a year going back to the notes I took, or even listening to it all over again on VIEMO.

I’ve included the message in this post and I pray that it blesses you as much as it blessed me 2 years ago. The message is still relevant for where I am and for where I’m going, and I pray it encourages you as well.

10/04/15 – SUB30 – Pastor Clay Baird – Checkmate from Celebration Church on Vimeo.