1 Corinthians6: 11 “And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.”

I know I haven’t written anything in months, and if I ever had an inconsistent year, it’s been 2017. Needless to say I’ve been going through a lot lately, and not necessarily bad things on the scale of what I have gone through before, but I’m really getting into the nitty gritty part of my sanctification with God.

I went through things before to help build my faith and cleanse me of some things before in my life, but this part of my journey has been much different. I’m in a spot where I truly am feeling the weight of my choices and where they could lead me.

Lately it seems I’ve been having all kinds of dreams about water and constantly being told not to be fearful ( even though I thought I left fear in 2016). And as I keep having dreams and talking with people around me, I just keep having this urge to be washed by the Word.

I know I need a good Holy Ghost cry at the altar to let it all out. I’ve been dealing with some heavy emotional things in my life and recently it seems like when I try to cry, I either stop myself or don’t cry at all. But I know I need to let it all out because healing can come through tears.

I am at a place where I don’t even have words to describe all the emotions I’ve been keeping inside. And I don’t think I need words with God, because he knows. I believe he just wants me to surrender and wash in his word to get healed and filled with him all over again.

So, moving forward that is my plan. I plan on getting back into reading my word and being intentional about it and spending enough time in it for it to get into my heart to produce true change in my life.

I know I haven’t been perfect and I’m not claiming that by any means, but I hope you also are encouraged to allow God to use his Word to help wash you of some heavy things in your life. I know one of the things I want to start doing is a study on scriptures that reference water and the Holy Spirit and being washed in his Word.

The more I think about water in the Bible, the more I realize how beautiful, amazing and scary that  metaphor can be when dealing with God and the Holy Spirit. There’s a lot to be said.

I pray that you are encouraged and maybe even join me in your own study of scriptures about being washed in the word and water references in the Bible. I think this will be a blessing as I allow the Lord to continue to dig deep.