Love God Greatly: What’s Your Story

So I have been using this app called Love God Greatly for about 2 months now and it really has some impactful devotionals. One of those devotions includes a 6 week study of  what it means to be “SOLD OUT” for Christ. 

As I’ve read through the readings the last few weeks, I’ve definitely been challenged in more than one area of my walk with God. The recent reading they shared really struck  me and it gave this great picture of the kind of servant heart we should have in walking with the Lord. It was a great way to sum up the study, that after all is said and done, this is the example that Christ left for us to follow:

LGG After reading this, I really did have to challenge myself and ask: What story am I leaving behind through my walk with Christ? Is my story going to be one of true impact of me living the Word out, or will it be one where I’ve allowed my own selfish desires to consume my way of life.

I pray to God, my story isn’t the latter. But at the same time, no one said writing the story would be easy either.  I’ve come to realize how your story is written, is based on the choices you make daily and if those choices are made to honor God, or your own desires.

I once read in a book called The Best Yes ” show me a choice and I’ll show you a direction.”

So I am challenged today to ask myself, is my story a true reflection of Christ working fully in my life. If I had to answer today, I honestly have to say no. Although I’ve come a long way in the last 2 years with my walk with God, there are still some things such as anger, bitterness, trust issues and un-forgiveness that hinder me from being a true reflection of God’s light.

But the good thing is Romans 5:8 is still true and it means that I also have grace everyday to try and try again to make sure my life is pleasing to the Lord.


Click here to visit Love God Greatly and view more of their amazing Bible Studies and devotional tools! I highly recommend this sight for young women looking to stay connected and grow in their faith.