No Excuses

What do you do when God removes ALL of your excuses not to do the things he’s given you to do? Fear is no longer an excuse. Shame about your past is no longer an excuse. Not having the resources is no longer an excuse. Blaming the devil is no longer an excuse.

I mean, literally I found myself in a situation where I’ve been running for so long from what God has been asking me to do, that he removed all my excuses of why I couldn’t do it. I could lie and say I’m scared, but I’m not. I could lie and say I’m ashamed of my past and how that might play into what he’s asking me to do. I could say I don’t have enough resources, or that I’m clueless about how or where to start. I could EASILY say the devil is holding me back. But honestly, it would all be a lie!

Truth is I’ve been lazy and I’ve been procrastinating and I’ve been terrible at managing my time purposefully. I’ve been distracted by my fleshly desires and I lost focus and I lost discipline and order in my life. For all my excuses God has shown me answers and more that he’s given me. I’m not scared, I’m not ashamed of my past anymore, I have plenty of resources and the knowledge to do what he’s asking me. God has me in the perfect setting to do what he’s called me to do. I mean I’ve never been set up with so much favor and resources ever. He’s put people around me to motivate me, people around me to show me things and yet what have I been doing?!

Now what I am ashamed of is that I remember begging God back in 2014 to allow me to be exactly where I am now and yet I’m not even working to my full potential. I can’t tell you how many times in the last few months I’ve felt this thing in me rise knowing I could be doing more with what he’s given me.

So, Lord I’m asking for forgiveness. Forgiveness for being lazy and taking for granted the gifts you’ve given me and the things and people you have put in place for me to fully operate in the full potential of what you have for me. Knowing the Word that was spoken over my life two years ago, seeing it come to past and not even taking full advantage of it right in front of me! Lord, please forgive me.

Help me to have a new mindset and a new heart about what you’ve given me and where you have placed me. All my excuses are gone and the only thing I’m left with is me. Help me to find value again in your purpose on my life and stop thinking it’s a burden. All that you’ve given me is for a purpose and you wouldn’t give me more than what you know I can bare.

So if you are like me, finding ways to avoid really walking into what God has for you, I pray that this post be your wake up call. I pray that after reading this may your mind and heart be restored about the things God has given you to do. I pray that we BOTH learn to see beyond ourselves and know that what God has given us is connected to other people that he wants to bless and heal through us. Hopefully we see this as a privilege and an honor.

No one said moving past the excuses would be easy. That’s the real work!  It’s a lot easier to rely on a familiar crutch versus being forced to test your strength without it. The true strength comes when you make up in your mind that you don’t need the crutch anymore to get by. The true test of strength is rely on God outside of yourself because what he’s given you is beyond you for a reason!

Trust that God has given you everything you need to move forward; because I promise you he has. You just have to believe that what’s in front of you is what you need. We may think we need certain things in order to do something “great”, when God is telling you to take what you have and he will do more with “little” than you can with “much”! This is how he shows you that it’s HIM guiding you and leading you through the process. This is how he shows you more of who he is. Some things we can only learn through true fellowship with God in our daily relationship with him.

So you and I both know WE (because I’m talking to myself too!) could be doing more if we change our minds and stop using “tired” excuses as a crutch. Starting now, the excuses don’t work anymore. For every excuse that you can think of, go back and remember the Word you were already given to move past it. (Because you know he gave you one. Go look back at them church notes!)

I close this post by praying for grace, strength, courage and wisdom in your life. No more worshipping excuses when God is greater and already given us what we need to overcome. May we trust in the strength of the Lord that what he has begun in us, he will help us to complete. God hasn’t forgotten what he’s invested in us and his Word never returns void.