An Overly Ambitious Creative Mind

Me: Alex McClain

The Stats:

—- I love to write!  But don’t most bloggers?! It’s my first true love. ♥
—- I consider myself to be very creative. I dream BIG and sometimes I’m overly ambitious. But life is much better outside the box.
—- I love a good challenge. Hence I began this blog. A way to challenge my craft of writing, to push myself to take things to the next level.
—- I’m an aspiring journalist. I want to move to New York City one day and write for a fashion or entertainment magazine such as Elle, Seventeen, Vibe, Ebony, or Vouge. But until I’ll settle for using this blog as my creative outlet to build up my work. And hope that one day I get “discovered” like Susan Lau.
—- I’m currently a senior at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Fl. It’s my hometown and I regret NOT leaving home for college, but a full scholarship is NOT something you turn down either. *shrug.
—-I would love to travel, particularly somewhere exotic like Rome or Greece.
—-My motto: High hopes, Endless inspiration and an even BIGGER dream can only be the road to the great things I plan to achieve! Allow your life to be a service to others.

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