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Beyond Knowledge

If anyone knows me, you know I’m a note taker! I enjoy writing down good nuggets of information that I hear. In general, I’m just a writer, but taking notes is especially true… Continue reading

The Chastening is Real..

You know how people say, ” the struggle is real”? I believe, as believers, the struggle that we may feel is the chastening of the Lord to help us do what is right.… Continue reading

Collecting Shells…

As I was on the beach collecting sea shells for the 4th of July, it dawned on me how the sea shells could easily represent the body of Christ. At first I was… Continue reading

I am Evidence of God’s Grace

About a year ago I brought this shirt at a poetry show that I attended. On the shirt, it says: I am Evidence of God’s Grace. This statement couldn’t be more true! I… Continue reading


Rebuilding anything is not an easy task. To rebuild a physical building or structure is one thing, but to rebuild our lives, our emotions and out hearts is another thing. I think we… Continue reading

Falling Upward Continues

In 2015 after hearing the song ” Touch the Sky” by Hillsong United , the idea of falling upward in love with God was laid on my heart. It became this idea of… Continue reading

I’m Not Feeling it…

  Today I had a moment where, I felt like I was coasting with God. I wasn’t particularly feeling anything. I wasn’t feeling moved, I wasn’t feeling motivated, but I just felt “okay.”… Continue reading

Movement in Brokeness

  Have you ever experienced something that made you feel broken? It hurt you so bad that you wished life could go on pause so that you could have time to gather your… Continue reading

Don’t Forget

Sometimes, the devil is really good at making you forget who God created you to be. He’s crafty in how he takes his time to deceive you and before you know it, who… Continue reading


Today is an important day. Exactly 1 year ago, January 9, 2017 I started working at my current job as a part-time Communications Specialist. Fast forward to now, January 9, 2018 and I… Continue reading