And THAT’s How it’s Done!

I had to share Michelle Obama’s speech from the DNC, because how can you not like her?! She’s the best First Lady we’ve had in years. I love her and how she carries herself and the role model she has become to many young women my age and others.

I do believe she will still be a powerful force in the community beyond Barack Obama’s presidency. She will be a face that we will continue to see well into the years to come.

Although she was speaking in support of Hillary Clinton, I’m all ready for Michelle Obama 2020! lol. (Just throwing that out there though!)


Feeling the Pain of Selfishness

I recently experienced truly feeling the pain of my own selfishness and seeing what selfishness looks like from God’s perspective.

I  had a situation where my flesh got weak and wanted what it wanted. Prior to this, I had been doing well in my walk with Christ. Had a few hiccups, but nothing major. I was truly doing well in simply maintaining my salvation. However, I stopped reading my word as much, and slacked up on praying and praise and worship and so my flesh started to feel the weariness. I found myself delving back into “old habits.”

In the process of going back to old habits, I end up using someone. I pretty much used them to satisfy my flesh and then I detached myself from the situation. After I got what I wanted, I pretty much distanced myself and tried to move forward. However, the God in me kept nudging me to apologize to this person. I realized on some level, I had used this person and it was wrong to lead them on to think the door was open again for us to have a relationship.

So, I called the person, apologized and in the midst of apologizing and being honest about what I had done, I felt like crap. This was one apology I did not feel good about at all. As a matter of fact, it really made me examine my selfish acts and how I had caused pain to someone else’s life because I wanted to be selfish. While I was concerned about soothing my flesh, I essentially opened up an old wound for the other person. Of course this wasn’t my intentions, but anytime we’re selfish we’re bound to hurt someone else or cause trouble that doesn’t necessarily have to be. And it really sucks because I’ve been on both sides of this story, so I know to be on the other side ( being the person who gets used) is not anything nice to have to feel.

So here I was thinking that by being open and honest it would make things better between me and the other person.  But I felt like I had dug myself into a hole and opened a whole can of unexpected worms. While on the phone with the person, the Holy Spirit was beating me up! I heard him say loud and clear: Well, what did you really expect. Acknowledging you’re wrong is only half the battle. Besides, there’s no way to sugar coat what you did and now you have to face the reality of it.  When you’re selfish, you’ll always be seen as the bad guy and there’s no way around it.

God was really dealing with me trying to “save face” and keep my reputation in tact. The point is, once God says to let someone go you can’t let them go and keep your reputation in their mind. On some level they may just consider you to be the bad guy. But what they think of you at that point should no longer be your concern.

And for so long I’ve always tried to sugar coat things for people whenever I do have to be the bearer of bad news. But God has challenged me to cut it straight, even when it hurts either party involved. Even if me speaking truth makes me look like the bad guy. In this instance the question becomes do I love my reputation more, or the life I’m supposed to be living for Christ?

Now, every time I want to go back and use this person I will definitely think twice because I don’t want to be the one constantly hurting someone because I want to be selfish. (Seeing as I’ve been used before I should probably have a lot more sympathy.) I’ll basically become a stumbling block to him and then God will hold me accountable. It’s not fair for me to intervene in what God wants to do in his life because I’m trying to use him to satisfy my desires. Needless to say being selfish will cause you to act out of character just to please the flesh.

Likewise, what if God chose to have his selfish moments with us? If he decided not to sacrifice his only son and instead let us get what we rightfully deserved as sinners? But his love for us was greater. And it’s love that helps overcome selfishness.

“Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.”Philippians 2:3-4



Wholeheartedly Satisfied

I’m a sucker for some good praise and worship music. I love it, I do!!  When I listen to The Walls group’s song Satisfied, it gets me every time. I know I did a previous post on them, but I have to repost it, because what they’re saying is so key!!  How many people, saved or unsaved can truly wholeheartedly say they’re satisfied with God alone? So many times we find ourselves looking for substitutes, but God is all we will ever need. If we took the time to truly understand all that God has to offer us, and how much he gives to us even when we’re undeserving….I praise him right now! It may not seem like a deep word, but it’s still loaded, and it’s great. #Thankful

This video is of them singing Satisfied in acapella for Essence and they’re great. I mean, you can’t hear them, listen to what they’re saying and not be blessed.



Signed #WholeheartedlySatisfied

Music Video: Poetic Lace “Day After Day”

Many people may know that I’m not too fond of Gospel rappers. Sometimes, I just find myself a little confused about their music. However, there is one Gospel rapper I actually do like and he’s a local Jacksonville artist that I support. Poetic Lace is at it again with his latest music video for “Day After Day.” This track can be found on his debut album When Silence Falls.   Be sure to support and check out the video link below:

For anyone interested in keeping up with the latest updates from Poetic Lace, or for more music and videos by this artist, be sure to follow him on Twitter “@PoeticLace” or check out his Facebook page “Artist Poetic Lace.” I love supporting local artists, especially when the message in their music is positive.

A New Journey

So I recently cut my dreads off this past Saturday (May 19th, 2012) and now I’ve begun a new journey. For those who don’t know, I had been growing my dreads for about 1 year and 7 months. I didn’t even make it to 2 years..=( Due to improper maintenance, on top of extra stress these last few months, my dreads were really unhealthy. I had a lot that were thinning and popping off. Not to mention I had a huge patch in the back of my head where dreads were missing….yea I know right. Sounds horrible…it was.

So after trying all I could to save my dreads, I gathered the courage up to cut them off. The new cut is definitely different. I like it, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it, but for some reason I’m still adjusting. It’s a weird transition, but the plan is to keep it well maintained and healthy while it grows out.

Will I grow dreads again?

Honestly I’m not sure…If I do, it won’t be for a good while. I want to enjoy my hair in its natural state. I was natural before my dreads, but didn’t really enjoy it. Now that I know how to properly maintain my hair I’m better able to appreciate it being this way. Before I considered my afro to be annoying. But now, I understand the true beauty of it all, and I’m trying to embrace it fully this time around.

Even though there’s part of me still adjusting to this “new journey”, I’m actually excited to see the growth and the different stages. I’ve never been more excited to try out a consistent hair regime and different products that I’m hoping will agree with my hair. Lately, within the last 3 months I’ve actually become a natural hair “fanatic” and I’ve been doing all kinds of research. So, I’m ready to apply the knowledge.

I do want to give a quick shout out to everyone that has been supportive of my haircut. I was on the fence at first and protested cutting my dreads. I LOVED my dreads, but honestly I love healthy hair even more. I also did a post on my other blog “PopKulutr3” and it’s more detailed. I posted my regimen and the products I use. So for anyone interested check it out, I’ll be including the link below, along with a few “before & after” pictures.

Once again, I’m excited for this journey and I hope some other natural girls out there are able to relate  to me!


Alex =)

PopKultur3 blog link: Good Hair: Chop! Chop!

BEFORE pics:

Nov. 2011
Feb. 2012


The “new” me!
loving my makeup =)

A Rare Moment

This morning my mother and I had one of our rare “mother-daughter moments.” Turns out she gave me some really good advice about the current situation I’ve been going through. I pretty much asked her why is it that I feel like my life is a cycle and that I find myself making the same mistakes I made a year ago? Why hasn’t anything changed and why haven’t I learned how to properly apply what I know?

To basically sum up her response she told me that I needed to check my surroundings. The people and the things that I have been surrounding myself with aren’t in alignment with where I’m trying to grow in God. Although I may have this appetite for growth, no one around me is really pushing me to do better when I find myself slipping. I don’t have anyone around me to reinforce a higher level of thinking. Also she told me to take some time out to focus on my relationship with God and figure out what things I need to keep and let go in order to be in better alignment with his plan for my life. The only way I’m going to get my peace back is if I cut off all the unnecessary things and get back to the basics. She said that I’ve probably taken on more than I need to at this point and just to keep things simple and focus on what’s important, school being one and a better relationship with God being the second thing. Everything else I’ve been doing should fall back on my list of priorities. When it’s all said and done I need to be able to make the decisions for myself and learn when enough is enough and to not go beyond my own boundaries.

Although our “mother-daughter moments” are rare, when they do happen I do value what comes from them. Anytime my mother can say something and get me together, this is a for sure sign that I’ve been slipping because any other time, our relationship is a bit distant. But today her advice came right on time and it was definitely something I needed to hear.

A Common Thread

Something that has always intrigued me is whether the Jewish people feel as strong about the Holocaust as African Americans do about slavery? Honestly we could debate all day about who had it worse. Whenever I’ve been in a class where either of the subjects come up, it seems African Americans have more to say about slavery than the Jewish people do about the Holocaust. I always wonder why African Americans seem to get more upset?

Jewish children in Holocaust camp

I’ve never heard a Jewish person get overly upset about what happen during the Holocaust, but plenty of times I’ve seen a black person really take slavery to heart. African Americans and Jewish people both faced a form of discrimination. It’s not like it’s a part of either groups history that can be ignored. It’s written in history books and talked about everyday.  Has anyone else been wondering about this?

African Americans during slavery