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What’s Shaping Your Outlook

As I rode the bus to work this morning, I pulled out my phone and went to one of my favorite passages in the Bible: Romans 8. I enjoy the book of Romans… Continue reading

TD Jakes: Destiny Series “FOCUS”

This series by TD Jakes has been such a blessing. He is speaking so much truth in his message. He’s truly helping me to get it together. He is serving up the truth… Continue reading

TD Jakes: Destiny Series

Starting watching TD Jakes “Destiny series”  of sermons on Youtube. First one was really a blessing, hoping it’s a blessing to you as well. What are the internal barriers that have kept you… Continue reading

SUB30: Total Whine

I missed SUB30 on it’s new night this year. However, I had a chance to watch the message online today and it was great. Pastor Clay touched on some good stuff. This is… Continue reading

Dig Deeper

One of the things that God has been dealing with me about is being surface when it comes to serving Him.  I’ve been preparing poems for a poetry show my church has coming… Continue reading

The Journey

It’s no secret that writing is my spiritual gift from God. In saying that, I know through my writing there is a lot God wants to birth in me. Since 2011, I’ve known… Continue reading

Feeling the Pain of Selfishness

I recently experienced truly feeling the pain of my own selfishness and seeing what selfishness looks like from God’s perspective. I  had a situation where my flesh got weak and wanted what it… Continue reading


I was listening to this message by TD Jakes this morning and it was truly a great reminder and a good note of encouragement to continue to fight for what God has promised… Continue reading

Lead by the Spirit

Be Led by the Spirit by Joyce Meyer – posted November 03, 2014 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty (emancipation from bondage,… Continue reading

Chapter 6 Discussion: Healing is a Choice

Moving along with our discussions from Healing is a Choice. I’m determined to get through all my discussions. Life continues to keep me busy however. But I’ll keep posting when I can nevertheless.… Continue reading