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Feeling the Pain of Selfishness

I recently experienced truly feeling the pain of my own selfishness and seeing what selfishness looks like from God’s perspective. I  had a situation where my flesh got weak and wanted what it… Continue reading

Your Scars Are Beautiful to God

This is the current book I’m reading and it has been an amazing story to read. The first 10-15 pages I could barely get through because I kept crying tears. I kept crying… Continue reading

You’re all I want Skit

I saw this video shared on a friend’s Facebook wall and I fell in love with it. This skit is very moving and a great reminder of how easy it is to get… Continue reading

Staying Encouraged

All week I have been listening to Joel O’Steen and Joyce Meyers while at work, and let me just tell you how much of a blessing it has been. Listening to them as… Continue reading

You Are Not Your Struggles or Your Past

Yesterday, my pastor said something in church that I’d like to share: “You are not your struggles or your past.” In fact it’s in our weakness that God is made strong and He’s… Continue reading

Faithful 2 HIS WORD & 2 You

Truly God is amazing and this week I believe God has truly shown me just how great he can be.  This week I have been challenged twice.  One challenge dealt with my past… Continue reading