Blog Check:1,2,3!

So, I’m really excited! In trying to explore and update my other blog, I finally discovered how to link and connect all 3 of my blogs together! If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve done some updating to the side bar and I’ve officially posted the RSS feed for my other two blogs: PopKultur3 and Innovative A.R.T.S.

Feel free to check them out, just so you can see what else I’ve been up to. This blog is usually my more personal blog, but the other two are really my creative outlets. I know I’ve mentioned Popkultur3 a few times and even in my last post (So definitely check that one out) Each blog kind of caters to a different audience. Popkultur3 is for people who want to be “in the know” about everything fashion, music or entertainment related. Innovative A.R.T.S is more for the artsy and music people who are into creative arts and supporting other up and coming artists in that field.

I’m super excited because I was kind of worried that Popkultur3 would be expanding and I wouldn’t have a way to connect the growth back to my original home blog, but all is well!


Alex McClain


Expanding: HubPages

Within the last year, I started two other blogs on WordPress besides this one. Innovative A.R.T.S and PopKultur3. They both have been doing pretty well having only started them a year ago. Innovative A.R.T.S has over 1,000 views and PopKultur3 has over 5,000 views. I’m really surprised and excited about the success for both of them. I never expected to get past maybe a few hundred hits. But I believe that God has ben faithful with my writing.

Any who, I said all that to say PopKultur3 has been doing the best. I’m really amazed at its growth and the growing number  of followers that I’ve gotten even within the last few months alone. For May alone (as of yesterday) I had 985 views! I can’t even get that many views on this page and I’ve had this blog since 2009. ( But I also don’t post as frequently with this blog either) Regardless I’m excited about how well it’s doing. So I decided to expand my writing and actually venture out to try to get paid for it. I created an account with Hubpages.

Hubpages is a different world from WordPress but it’s definitely worth checking out and looking into. The website features awesome writers and all kinds of posts about any and everything.

Below I’ve included the link for my first post (among many more to come)

HubPages post: H&M summer opening in Jacksonville, Fla.

Digital Portfolio: PopKultur3

I recently added a new page to my other blog Pop Kultur3. It’s my digital portfolio. On this page I have complied all the professional  pieces that I’ve written for different publications. (Florida Times Union, EU Jacksonville, Florida Times Union, UNF Spinnaker) I figure this would be a good way to sort of start an online resume. It’s also my way of taking the steps to getting my writing out there for even more people to see. You never know who comes across blogs these days.

Check out the link below: Digital Portfolio: PopKultur3

Avengers: “The Original A Team” movie Review for EU Jacksonville

I wrote a movie review for the release of Marvel’s super heroe mash-up movie: Avengers. The review got published online for EU Jacksonville. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, then you’re missing out on something great. How often do you see an unlikely team of 6 heroes in one movie? At first I was skeptical because with 6 super heroes, that’s a whole lot of egos in the room. But Avengers doesn’t disappoint by far.  It wouldn’t be hard to believe if Avengers knocks Think Like a Man out of its current spot as the number one movie this weekend. Guess we’ll wait around and see….Until then….I’ve included the link below for the published review

EU Jacksonville Avengers Movie Review


Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow,Thor and Hawk Eye are a motely crew assembled together by Nick Fury director of the peacekeeping agency S.H.I.E.L.D. to help fight against a threat of global destruction.


Hands on Jax: Celebrate Good Event 2012 Video

Hands on Jax is celebrating 17 volunteers who have gone above and beyond in the community to give back to others. For my applied journalism class we were assigned to do mini intro movies that included video clips and pictures of the volunteers.  On April 19, the volunteers will be awarded for their outstanding services at the Celebrate Good Event held at the Florida Times-Union Center.

Reblog: GOP Debate: I Spy on the UNF Green

Check out the link below for some pictures taken throughout the day while on the scene. The later it got, it seemed, the crazier things became. The crowds grew larger and the protesters got louder. I even had a run

in with Terry Jones on the green as he created more chaos among the protesters and bystanders outside the Lazzara Theater. At one point it almost seemed as if the real show was going to be outside, instead of the GOP

debate being held inside with the Republican candidates.

GOP recap:

#JaxDebate: First Post of the Day…and here it is!

My first blog of the day belonged to the Republican debate that is currently taking place in my own backyard at UNF.  There’s a buzzing excitement that I can’t seem to ignore on my university’s campus. the media has this place covered, cameras are out everywhere, reporters (both professional and students alike), it’s a very interesting spectacle to observe from the sidelines. Any who I’m sharing the link with you all so you can follow along and give a live feed of the debate coverage. The link is for’s “Cover it live” where UNF students and others are blogging and tweeting away while they see the action first hand!


Don’t be the only one left out of the loop, click the link and follow along! Also follow me @5starsassy as I tweet throughout the day about the mayhem on my university’s campus!

if you missed my first post of the day, I’ve also provided the link below for that:

JaxDebate: First blog post of the day