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Blog Check:1,2,3!

So, I’m really excited! In trying to explore and update my other blog, I finally discovered how to link and connect all 3 of my blogs together! If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve… Continue reading

Expanding: HubPages

Within the last year, I started two other blogs on WordPress besides this one. Innovative A.R.T.S and PopKultur3. They both have been doing pretty well having only started them a year ago. Innovative A.R.T.S… Continue reading

Digital Portfolio: PopKultur3

I recently added a new page to my other blog Pop Kultur3. It’s my digital portfolio. On this page I have complied all the professional  pieces that I’ve written for different publications. (Florida Times… Continue reading

Avengers: “The Original A Team” movie Review for EU Jacksonville

I wrote a movie review for the release of Marvel’s super heroe mash-up movie: Avengers. The review got published online for EU Jacksonville. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, then you’re missing… Continue reading

Hands on Jax: Celebrate Good Event 2012 Video

Hands on Jax is celebrating 17 volunteers who have gone above and beyond in the community to give back to others. For my applied journalism class we were assigned to do mini intro… Continue reading

Reblog: GOP Debate: I Spy on the UNF Green

Check out the link below for some pictures taken throughout the day while on the scene. The later it got, it seemed, the crazier things became. The crowds grew larger and the protesters… Continue reading

#JaxDebate: First Post of the Day…and here it is!

My first blog of the day belonged to the Republican debate that is currently taking place in my own backyard at UNF.  There’s a buzzing excitement that I can’t seem to ignore on… Continue reading

Jax Republican Debate

I’m thanking God for opening the doors he has been opening lately, and allowing me to get some of the coolest hands on experience in my field. How cool is it to be… Continue reading

Stanton College Prep Devil’s Advocate

Here’s a link to my high school publication I wrote for called, The Devil’s Advocate. Just happen to be doing a little internet surfing and found some old stuff I’d written from my… Continue reading


I recently wrote an article about two great creative sisters and it was published in my University’s newspaper, The Spinnaker. I’m so excited because, not only is it exposure for me and my… Continue reading