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TD Jakes: Destiny Series “FOCUS”

This series by TD Jakes has been such a blessing. He is speaking so much truth in his message. He’s truly helping me to get it together. He is serving up the truth… Continue reading

TD Jakes: Destiny Series

Starting watching TD Jakes “Destiny series”  of sermons on Youtube. First one was really a blessing, hoping it’s a blessing to you as well. What are the internal barriers that have kept you… Continue reading

SUB30: Total Whine

I missed SUB30 on it’s new night this year. However, I had a chance to watch the message online today and it was great. Pastor Clay touched on some good stuff. This is… Continue reading

Staying Encouraged

All week I have been listening to Joel O’Steen and Joyce Meyers while at work, and let me just tell you how much of a blessing it has been. Listening to them as… Continue reading

The Search that Begins Within…

The funny thing about love is that for everyone it’s something different.  But it turns out most of us are simply in love with the idea of love, but not as willing to… Continue reading

2010: The Year of “No”

All year long in 2010 I dealt with a lot of struggles. Most of them I had gotten myself into because I didn’t  like hearing the word “no.” I hate being told what… Continue reading

Faithful 2 HIS WORD & 2 You

Truly God is amazing and this week I believe God has truly shown me just how great he can be.  This week I have been challenged twice.  One challenge dealt with my past… Continue reading

Two steps FORWARD, FOUR steps BACKWARDS…>_<

TWO STEPS FORWARD, FOUR STEPS BACKWARDS Taking 2 steps forward in a situation, does not mean that you are completely delivered. I’ve been in the same situation for several months now, and it… Continue reading

HIS WILL, will be done

At one point, I almost thought about giving up on my blogs. The reason being, I would write a blog about something I was going through, know what I should do and yet… Continue reading

All the devil Needs is a Foot in the Door…

The ryhme goes that: Humpey Dumpey sat on a wall, humpey dumpey had a great fall. All the kings horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put humpey together again. Well I’m glad… Continue reading