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The Love We Defined

*This poem is inspired by and also a response to the poem  “My Meaning of Love”  written by JTGiftedpen* Your presence leaves me breathless so many nights I’ve spent restless waiting for you… Continue reading

Death by Poison

What started as affection grew into an infatuation of pure lust. Wanting to be held, to fill a void of lonely nights. Lying in your arms with a wondering mind and a restless… Continue reading

For Our Sake

I don’t want the next guy to have to pick up the pieces or listen to me cry and count the reasons the last dude broke my heart the next guy shouldn’t have… Continue reading

Sacred Treasures

Beach sand between my toes calm waters crawl onto the shore. My soul bathes in the purest light of the sun illuminating the beautiful thoughts that lie within. Love lies in the tip of… Continue reading

First post for Innovative A.R.T.S blog

Recently posted my first post for the new blog I started Innovative A.R.T.S. This blog is dedicated to spotlighting young people with talent and sharing it with others. For my first post I… Continue reading

Role Play

I’ve been the victim but I’m moving past that, and I’ve realized I’m much stronger. Now I know there’s life beyond the pain. I no longer have to hold myself captive, or beat… Continue reading


I let my soul bleed everytime I open up to you, but all you do is dig deep in the wound. I pour my heart out, but you simply ignore the pain. Apparently… Continue reading


Tried to move on but my soul holds you hostage, replaying memories of a painful past. Tried to shake you but, I can’t break the soul-tie. Trying to forget what could’ve been but… Continue reading

My Vow to You

Lyrics written just for you, like a secret just between us two. Nothing stronger, nothing deeper from the first kiss I knew you were a keeper. You keep me grounded but your love… Continue reading


A love once lost but never forgotten A lost soul looking for affection Trying hard to rekindle a broken connection Near in my heart, but still far away Diggin deep, trying to find… Continue reading