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Self-Sabotage: Too Much Too Soon

**Another old post I dug up out of my drafts (November 2011) and felt the message was still relevant. Short, simple and to the point. Pay attention ladies this one is for you!**… Continue reading

Day 10: Full

I know I’m late with this posting, but I just came in from church service. The spirit was really high and I’m full off of God’s word. Truly the message was a blessing.… Continue reading

Birthed Out of Pain

Today in church, part of my Pastor’s message dealt with certain desires we have that can be birthed out of pain.  Sometimes as Christians, we tend to do certain “worldly things” to medicate… Continue reading

Crazy Love Blog Post via Necole B.

Don’t know if anyone who follows this blog in particular has heard of Necole Bitchie, but she’s actually a pretty awesome entertainment blogger. I recently came across her original blog site “I am Necole” and there was… Continue reading

Not That Kind of Girl: The Girls Who “Sleeps Around”

My grandmother was explaining to me how back when she was growing up  it seemed like young women had more pride about how they carried themselves. Young women used to be raised to not be… Continue reading

Give yourself some credit….

Be the woman God created you to be and never sell yourself  short of what you’re worth.  If a man is not going to uphold you as the woman God created you to… Continue reading

An Uncomfortable Silence

I’m amazed at my current situation.  I’ve been talking to a guy for over a month and yet I feel like I still don’t have a good sense of who he is. I… Continue reading

Flattery Overload

For some reason, I’ve never been the type of girl to be easily won over by flattery. I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m very confident and comfortable in who I… Continue reading

Thinking Outside the Box

Lately if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that, sometimes what works for one situation, may not work for the next situation. In saying this I’m starting to realize that when it comes… Continue reading

Lost in Translation

In May I wrote a blog about someone who had been in my life for over two years and how I kept pushing him away because I thought I was scared to be in… Continue reading