Uncle Reece CD Release

I don’t know if you got your copy or not, but last night at artwalk, I purchased my copy of Uncle Reece’s album, Bold. I got to purchase a physical copy and get it autographed and signed. =) His performance at Straight & Narrow last night was exciting and very much the live experience. So live, the police came and shut the block down! Uncle Reece did a great job in being personable and down to earth with his audience.

I’m looking forward to really getting into the CD, listening and writing a CD review soon. (Be on the lookout for future post) I don’t like a lot of gospel rap artists, so when I find someone I do like, they have to be “legit.” So be sure, that if you haven’t gotten your copy to check him out. The CD is sold on iTunes and in local Walmart Stores. Visit his facebook page and website and show some love and spread the word.

Are living a bold life for Christ? #UncleReece #Worshipmusic #Boldlife #duvalmusic





Me and Uncle Reece at Straight & Narrow during ArtWalk
Me and Uncle Reece at Straight & Narrow during ArtWalk

Music Video: Poetic Lace “Day After Day”

Many people may know that I’m not too fond of Gospel rappers. Sometimes, I just find myself a little confused about their music. However, there is one Gospel rapper I actually do like and he’s a local Jacksonville artist that I support. Poetic Lace is at it again with his latest music video for “Day After Day.” This track can be found on his debut album When Silence Falls.   Be sure to support and check out the video link below:

For anyone interested in keeping up with the latest updates from Poetic Lace, or for more music and videos by this artist, be sure to follow him on Twitter “@PoeticLace” or check out his Facebook page “Artist Poetic Lace.” I love supporting local artists, especially when the message in their music is positive.


I recently wrote an article about two great creative sisters and it was published in my University’s newspaper, The Spinnaker. I’m so excited because, not only is it exposure for me and my writing, but also good exposure for my close friends, Crystal and Tiffany Rodriguez. In case you don’t know who these two young ladies are, they are the most talented and creative people I’ve ever met. They have their own art-based freelance business. I’ve seen their work and I’m all about supporting others people’s creativity. You’ve got to see more for yourself.

I’ve provided the link below so you can connect to the full story.

UNF Spinnaker: Two Sisters Dare to be Different

Left to Right: Crystal and Tiffany Rodriguez

I’ve written about the sisters before for my other blog, Innovative A.R.T.S.  and PopKultur3. I’ve provided the links below if you’re interested in knowing more about the sisters’ creations.

My Sister\’s Treasures: A Jewelry Line

Dare to be Different: Two Sisters Take on the World Through Art

PopKultr3 Post September 2011

Innovative: A.R.T.S (Always Reaching Towards Success)

The link below is to a new blog that I’ve started to showcase local Jacksonville, Fl. talent. So if you or anyone else you know has a talent that they wish to spotlight, check out the new blog  and you can also contact me through email as well: alexandra_mcclain1989@yahoo.com. I’m looking for some creative and talented people to showcase so don’t miss out on an opportunity if that’s you.

For more information you can also click on the link below to visit the actual Innovative A.R.T.S blog page: