The Journey

It’s no secret that writing is my spiritual gift from God. In saying that, I know through my writing there is a lot God wants to birth in me. Since 2011, I’ve known God has wanted me to write a book. At first I was excited until I realized 4 years have passed & the process for writing this book has been quite the unexpected journey.


so, here I am; January 1st, 2015. Still no book. But what I’ve come to realize is that maybe its not about the book, but the process itself in helping me walk through some healing in my life.

so this year my plan is to write everyday. Even if it’s just a sentence. For years I’ve thought it was all about crafting the perfect story. ( Funny, I didn’t even think I had a story to tell until 2013). And for years I lived in fear of failure because I wasn’t given a blue print for this journey. There is no guide or formula, I’m really just winging it. (with the grace of God on my side).


so, I encourage you to join me this year as I share daily on this adventure of birthing the true purpose & power in my writing. Bare w me, because if there’s ever a time to be transparent, the time is now.

so here’s to a new year of growth & transparency!


Popkultur3 update: NEW Facebook page

Anyone who’s been following my blog for a while, then by now you know I actually write and manage 3 different blogs total. PopKultur3, Innovative A.R.T.S and this one Ambitious Soul of a Dreamer.

I said that to say that all my blogs have generally been doing well with traffic and generating followers and a good audience. However, PopKultur3 seems to be doing the best, and I’ve been really interested in trying to expand the blog. By expanding I hope to attract a wider audience of people and generate new followers.

One way that I’ve already expanded the PopKultur3 blog was by including the RSS feed on both this blog and Innovative A.R.T.S. If you haven’t already, be sure to check the feed out on the sidebar on the page. Since I did that, my next move was to create a Facebook page for the blog. And as of July 4th, the NEW Popkultur3 Facebook page has been up and running! By creating the Facebook page it’s a way to keep current followers updated and a way to encourage new followers and a broader audience of people to visit the blog page.

So be sure to check out the NEW Facebook page: PopKultur3 Facebook page. Be sure to “like” the page, become a fan and also tell a friend. I’d appreciate all the support, and I’m thankful for all my current supporters.  There will be contest in the near future, so be sure to hit te Facebook page out to stay informed with the latest in fashion, music and entertainment.

Unlpugging and finding a balance

I swear 24 hours in a day is never enough time to get everything I want to get done. Especially with my writing and blogging. Lately I’ve found myself so caught up with blogging and doing research for my writing project that I’ve had to force myself to “unplug” for a few hours and literally walk away from my computer.

Talk about how hard it is to log off, but still have blogging and writing on the brain! At times it seems frustrating. I wish I could post and write a lot more than I do for my other blogs. Although my postings have picked up, if it were possible, I’d love to do a post a day at least. 2-3 would be ideal because I have soooo many ideas!

If I could get paid to sit home, behind my computer screen and blog all day about fashion, music, life and entertainment..that would be ideal…but not realistic. I think my biggest problem in trying to find a balance between my day to activities and blogging is that I tend to want to write about too much in one day. I want to get all my thoughts out and share them, but it’s not going to happen in one day. I have to remind myself not to be overly ambitious about my writing and to set simple day-to-day goals.

Setting day to day goals helps make things seem a little less overwhelming. At least for that day I might have 2-3 tasks I want to accomplish. (Originally I started out with about 5 or 6 in a day…but from experience,it wasn’t realistic) Like I’ve mentioned in one of  my previous post, it’s nothing for me to get caught up with my writing and forget about EVERYTHING else in this world called “REAL LIFE.” It’s like when I write I get in a zone and my mind goes on auto pilot.

I know I’m not the only blogger who suffers with this problem. If you love to write as much as I do, it’s almost inevitable. What I’ve been trying to work on in order to find the balance is: scheduling blogging around my daily activities and not my daily activities being scheduled around my blogging…if that makes sense. I don’t want my writing to dictate my day to day activities. But a lot of the times my writing consumes me without me even realizing it. Maybe my blogging is more of an addiction than I thought?


Blog Check:1,2,3!

So, I’m really excited! In trying to explore and update my other blog, I finally discovered how to link and connect all 3 of my blogs together! If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve done some updating to the side bar and I’ve officially posted the RSS feed for my other two blogs: PopKultur3 and Innovative A.R.T.S.

Feel free to check them out, just so you can see what else I’ve been up to. This blog is usually my more personal blog, but the other two are really my creative outlets. I know I’ve mentioned Popkultur3 a few times and even in my last post (So definitely check that one out) Each blog kind of caters to a different audience. Popkultur3 is for people who want to be “in the know” about everything fashion, music or entertainment related. Innovative A.R.T.S is more for the artsy and music people who are into creative arts and supporting other up and coming artists in that field.

I’m super excited because I was kind of worried that Popkultur3 would be expanding and I wouldn’t have a way to connect the growth back to my original home blog, but all is well!


Alex McClain

Building Rome…

I’ve always been a big dreamer. Anyone who knows me, or has even read my blogs can attest to this. I’m ambitious, plain and simple. But sometimes, I wonder am I too ambitious?

Within the last month, God has really been making it plain to me about where he wants to take my writing. For anyone who doesn’t know my other blog PopKultur3 on WordPress has been doing pretty well. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before. Any who in saying that,  with over 1,000 hits a month, success like that can’t be attributed to anyone but God. I mean I know my writing is good and I have a gift, but I never would’ve expected to get past a few hundred views. Truly I’m thankful.

After seeing that accomplishment it got me to thinking about taking things to the next level. (I won’t reveal my  exact vision just yet, for personal reasons) There were things I noticed back in March and April, when I started to pick up on my blogging and there was this reigniting of my passion for writing all over again. It was the same way I felt last May when I began the PopKultur3 blog. At first I wasn’t sure. But God has a way of making things clear.

First God sent Serenity (The spoken word poet from my post: Dreamers and Visionaries) my way, talking about dreamers and visionaries. I had been getting a little “relaxed” with my blogging at the time, but that talk stirred me up again and reignited my passion. Then I came across a few scriptures during my devotion that spoke on vision and not being afraid to step out on faith. Particularly Habakkuk:2-3 where it speaks of writing the vision plainly so that it’s visible. Not to mention yesterday a friend of mine spoke with me about taking my writing further and truly pursuing what I wanted and not being afraid. He mentioned the idea of vision and making my dreams a reality and taking small steps to do the things I love. Even last Sunday in church, I could hear God telling me that he was getting ready to take my writing to a new level. He was telling me to work on being more disciplined and being conscious of things set up to distract me from my purpose. (Men, the moment it’s not for me. I just KNOW!)

It’s all exciting and scary at the same time. What if all of this is just me making something out of nothing? Am I really hearing God LOUD & CLEAR? I know how I am sometimes and  I just want to make sure I’m not caught up with my own agenda and getting ahead of God with anything. A lot of the time I have to remind myself that nothing will happen over night. I can’t conquer the world and build Rome in ONE day. It’s not gone happen. So, my thing is I just don’t want to get too excited about it, if God isn’t behind it with me 100%. I can only go where he leads me and I’m just trying to make sure I’m in the right place at the right time.

I do plan on speaking to more people about the situation and continuing to pray. So far, it just seems like only GOD can make things line up how they have been. At this point I really do think God is speaking loud and clear, it’s just my turn to trust him and step up to the plate and have more faith in where he’s taking me.

Expanding: HubPages

Within the last year, I started two other blogs on WordPress besides this one. Innovative A.R.T.S and PopKultur3. They both have been doing pretty well having only started them a year ago. Innovative A.R.T.S has over 1,000 views and PopKultur3 has over 5,000 views. I’m really surprised and excited about the success for both of them. I never expected to get past maybe a few hundred hits. But I believe that God has ben faithful with my writing.

Any who, I said all that to say PopKultur3 has been doing the best. I’m really amazed at its growth and the growing number  of followers that I’ve gotten even within the last few months alone. For May alone (as of yesterday) I had 985 views! I can’t even get that many views on this page and I’ve had this blog since 2009. ( But I also don’t post as frequently with this blog either) Regardless I’m excited about how well it’s doing. So I decided to expand my writing and actually venture out to try to get paid for it. I created an account with Hubpages.

Hubpages is a different world from WordPress but it’s definitely worth checking out and looking into. The website features awesome writers and all kinds of posts about any and everything.

Below I’ve included the link for my first post (among many more to come)

HubPages post: H&M summer opening in Jacksonville, Fla.

Digital Portfolio: PopKultur3

I recently added a new page to my other blog Pop Kultur3. It’s my digital portfolio. On this page I have complied all the professional  pieces that I’ve written for different publications. (Florida Times Union, EU Jacksonville, Florida Times Union, UNF Spinnaker) I figure this would be a good way to sort of start an online resume. It’s also my way of taking the steps to getting my writing out there for even more people to see. You never know who comes across blogs these days.

Check out the link below: Digital Portfolio: PopKultur3