Ignited Soul Expressions

So I decided to add this extra page to my blog that will feature all post relating to my new adventures with “Ignited Soul Expressions.”

Ignited Soul Expressions will deal with all things creative that I do. This can be anything from my poetry, to writing, photography, designing mugs and home decor items etc. This page is kind of a test page , before I decide if I want to launch a full blown out blog solely for Ignited Soul Expressions.

The idea is for it to blossom as a brand, create awareness and hopefully inspire and ignite others who come to know more about what I do.

Right now I’ve kind of focused on just designing customized mugs and home decor, but in the next year I’m looking forward to expanding. Join me in this adventure, hopefully it will be great.

For more info email: ignitedsoulexpressions@gmail.com

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