Surrender it ALL!

I saw this status on Facebook from Joyce Meyers and it really hits home with my current situation:

When God asks for our heart, He is asking for our entire life, which includes our personality, character, body, mind & emotions.

Even in church on Friday, my pastor talked about how we can do church like activities, but still not have peace or rest in our souls. Going to church, doing praise and worship, reading the bible and praying don’t mean anything if what we’re saying and doing physically isn’t something we believe in our own hearts and minds. We can’t just use the actions as cover ups to still do what we want to do. We must reach a place in our life where we conclude that God’s way is the only way and nothing else out there in the world will allow us to prosper. Only when our souls are in true agreement with God will we find complete and total peace.


Valentine’s Day Protocol

Today I woke up to several “Happy Valentine’s Day” text messages. After reading some of them, I started to wonder about the sincerity of the text. I got text messages from guys I haven’t spoken to in months and years, but TODAY of all hit me up? I can only wonder how many other girls they sent the same generic text message to. I don’t feel any different or special at all.

This is the first time I asked myself WHY do people celebrate this holiday? Isn’t love supposed to be something shared 365 days of the year? Today isn’t any different than it was yesterday or will be tomorrow. In thinking about this I’ve decided to pile all my vday text into the same category I pile all my random “Merry Christmas” and “New Years” text messages into. These text messages are nothing more to me than a protocol wasting my inbox space.