No Excuses

What do you do when God removes ALL of your excuses not to do the things he’s given you to do? Fear is no longer an excuse. Shame about your past is no… Continue reading

Generational Success

Over the weekend I spent a lot of time thinking about my future. Not just my future; but this idea of the next generation and how they are a part of my future.… Continue reading

Between A Rock & A Hard Place

SHAME… Shame can be a heavy burden to carry, especially when it was never meant to be yours to carry. The scripture tells us to cast all of our cares onto the Lord.… Continue reading

2019: Fearless and Truthful

When I think about being fearless and truthful, this recent photo I took (featured above) comes to mind.¬†Back in November 2018 I felt like God was challenging me to change my perspective on… Continue reading

A New Year with Purpose

As we head into the New Year with just a few hours left in 2018, I thought I would share a few things to keep in mind as we all set goals and… Continue reading

Making God’s Word Tangible

I think one of the biggest struggles young believers like myself face is making God’s Word tangible in our lives. I was doing some reading of old journal entries and I came across… Continue reading

I Prayed for This…?

Be careful what you pray for has become more real to me in the past few months. God has been answering my prayers, but not in ways that I would expect. Have you… Continue reading

Giving on E

One of the biggest things I struggle with is boundaries. I often find myself giving, giving, and doing, doing until I feel emotionally and physically exhausted. Over the weekend, I had a moment… Continue reading

Self Expectations

Since I can remember, I’ve always held myself to a high standard. Even as a little kid, I was very orderly and particular about what I did and how I presented myself. As… Continue reading

The Mental Capacity of Freedom

This past Sunday, my pastor said something that I’ve been discovering is 100% true: It takes more work to stay mentally free than to be physically free from a situation.¬† When he said… Continue reading