Staying Encouraged

All week I have been listening to Joel O’Steen and Joyce Meyers while at work, and let me just tell you how much of a blessing it has been. Listening to them as I do work, help plant mental seeds to help my mind to reflect constantly on God’s word for my life. I know for many people who come in and out of office, it may just seem like background noise, but these messages have been really encouraging all week long.

I’ve been listening to messages focused on letting go of the past and letting go of negative mindsets you’ve had about yourself because of your past. I promise, each sermon has been a blessing. Everytime I hear the word, I become empowered about the way in which I think of my own past. Everyday their sermons have challenged me to grow more in my faith and shed off something from my past. It’s been great, truly a blessing.

I know to watch or listen to a video may seem like a small deal for some people, but it reminds me of the verse that says “Faith come by hearing.” With all the commotion that goes on in a day, I have to learn to keep my heart, mind and ears guarded, and these videos have been helping me in that area.

I encourage you to visit youtube and look up some of their sermons. Below I’ve listed the links to a few of my favorite ones:

Joyce Meyer “Your Words Affect Your Future Part 2” :

Joyce Meyer “Your Words Affect Your Future Part 1”

Joel O’Steen “You are Not Damaged Goods”

Joel O’steen “Move Forward”

May these videos be just as much of a blessing to you as they were for me.



Joel O’Steen: Designed to Withstand a Storm

More from Joel O’Steen. I enjoy listening to his spiritual insight and wisdom. I love how he takes spiritual concepts and makes them practical for the everyday believer. I hope this video blessed you as much as it blessed me today. Be encouraged and know: God designed you to withstand the storms. =)

Let this message help set your week off to a good start in Christ.