I let my soul bleed

everytime I open up to you,

but all you do is dig deep in the wound.

I pour my heart out,

but you simply ignore the pain.

Apparently my feelings are only a game.

My soul is dying,

but nothing can heal

this emotional bruise.

 My spirit is done trying

our love was a tragedy.

My heart no longer beats.

My bruised soul bleeds.



Tried to move on

but my soul holds you hostage,

replaying memories of a painful past.

Tried to shake you but,

I can’t break the soul-tie.

Trying to forget what could’ve been

but the hurt still lingers.

I made a mistake that’s hard to erease.

If I could go back,

I’d try to save myself.

Prevent the pain from happening.

If I could go back I’d wipe my tears

and soothe my broken heart.

 But til this day

my heart will always have

that ugly scar.

The one that can’t be removed

a nasty stain,

a painful bruise.

My Vow to You

Lyrics written just for you,

like a secret just between us two.

Nothing stronger, nothing deeper

from the first kiss I knew you were a keeper.

You keep me grounded but your love inspires

me to keep reaching for perfection, like I can’t reach no higher.

So far in this has to be the top

our love keeps giving, a gift that never stops.

Something that once seemed out of reach

your love I hold dear in my heart,

forever  and always,

it’s mine to keep.


A love once lost but never forgotten

A lost soul looking for affection

Trying hard to rekindle a broken connection

Near in my heart, but still far away

Diggin deep, trying to find the right words to say

Trying to mend and fix what was broken

Somewhere along the way, our love lost focus

But it’s never to late, when it’s destined to be

Two hearts that beat, but one soul that breathes

Pure passion, undiscoverable bliss

Never could’ve fathomed this kind of love could exists

Surreal in nature, but real from within

Something worth fighting for, with honor I defend,

Everything we stood for, the passion we created

  I’ll do whatever it takes to revive this love; to truly save it.

Hard Time Accepting the Facts

If God didn’t have my full attention before, he’s made sure he has it now. I recently got into a car accident, totaled my car, and broke my right knee. On top of that I was already struggling financially and there were a lot of issues in my life that I had left the ends untied on. I had gotten so used to being on the go and constantly being busy to avoid facing all my true problems, until God has me at my lowest point ever. I not only broke my knee, but I also have to have surgery on it as well. The surgery will take 6 weeks to recover.  This also means I  won’t be able to finish the rest of the semester and I  basically lost my job. =/ And being that I can’t walk, I’m very limited in my activity. VERY LIMITED in my activity. I’ve been staying with my parents since the accident and literally all I’ve done is sit around on the couch all day and do NOTHING. Stuff like this drives me crazy. I haven’t taken a moment to pause in a long time. I’m used to being on the go, always having SOMETHING to do. Now I can only just sit one but me, no friends, no real company. Family is cool, but I  wish I were back on my college campus, in the dorms. All I can think of right now is how much this sucks. I want my freedom again. I understand the lesson God is trying to teach me but right now I know my heart is not open enough to fully accept what has happened to me.