Ignite. Create. Inspire


This is what happens when you let God flow freely through your creativity. I sketched this tonight and for some reason it brought me so much joy and peace.

I realize more and more that as I create and let God flow through my creativity, it becomes a form of worship between him and I. Instead of a shout or a loud praise, sometimes my love for God and all he’s done is expressed through my art & creativity.

There are moments I truly thank him for his creativity he’s put in me. Sometimes I create things and I literally have to say….to God be the glory.


This was one of those moments…!!

If only you all knew how much my creativity is such a gift that I don’t ever want to take for granted. This year God really took my creativity to a new level that was unexpected. And through this journey he keeps showing me what he can do. It’s amazing.


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A God of Answers

Twice in the last four days, I’ve seen God be faithful in providing answers to my prayers.

1. Saturday night I journaled about the fustration I’ve had with feeling overwhelmed by my own creativity. Lately my creativity has felt stifled & not as free flowing. Not to mention there’s so much creativity in me at times, I don’t know where to start. Sometimes I feel like it’s all going to waste because I look at other people around me and they seem to be living freely in their creativity. Living life, loving it, making decent money & everything. But me, I’ve been kind of mad knowing I have all this creativity yet I’m still broke when O feel like I could be maling so many more moves with all thats inside of me. 
So I was kind of at this stand still. When I went to church on Sunday my Pastor preached about trusting God in setting proper boundaries and discplines in your life. Without boundaries & discipline you cannot be spiritually successful. When I heard this, I had to admit that when it comes to my creativity I dont have boundaries or disciplines. As a creative person there are times I tend to just move w every creative wind. I have “ideas for days.” But the discipline of carrying them out…not so much at times. My creativity often feels like a gift and a curse.

2. On Tuesday I was having a moment where I started feeling scared about my current job search. To make a long story short, I’ve served as an AmeriCorps member at the same job for 3 years. I’ve grown professionally, accomplished some great milestones for the agency, yet…they won’t hire me. ( Part of it is because they’re a nonprofit & so jobs are hard to come by in that field.)
So my contract ends at the end of December and I’ve been job hunting since the Summer. Since the Summer, I’ve only had 1 interview. I’ve applied to several places and yet no answer. I went on an interview with the Duval County school Board 2 weeks ago & the job was perfect. I think the interview went well, but it’s a part of me that just doesn’t want to get my hopes up. In the last 2 years of trying to find a job I’ve suffered so many interview losses. I’ll get so close just for the people to say no. So..job hunting is a fragile subject for me.
Anywho..Bible Study was last night. Right before, I spent about 30 minutes in the bathroom crying trying to get myself together. I was talking to God telling him..”yes it feels tight, I’m scared but I want to choose peace & joy.”  When prayer started for service I found myself meditating on several thoughts 1. God’s word does not return void. Whatever he has spoken it shall be 2. Faith comes by hearing & not by sight. I kept repeating it during prayer & decided to come to peace. Worrying wasnt going to solve my problem.

After prayer as Pastor preached, his lesson came from the scripture in Isaiah55:12 That talks about God’s word not returning void. When I heard it I knew God was confirming to be calm.

The last few weeks I’ve been feeling stretched and I’ve had my ups and downs in my mind. And my life has really been looking one way when God sees it another way. But when doors have constantly been shut in your face or you feel stretched or confined…the testing of your faith can bring you to tears. literally.

And what makes this time for me a true crunch is that Im consciously having to remind myself of God’s word & not go to old habits of “running” to my flesh for comfort because im in a tight spot. It’s truly been a battle the last few weeks. And I know others battle with their flesh as well, so I don’t totally feel alone. I know Im not the only one.

But I said all of that to say: in the tight spots where you feel you have done all & reached all, God always sends a word to help you keep holding on.

Hearing both of those words have made me reflect on other times I was in tight spots, yet God came through. I think a lot of times when we feel we should be moving or doing something, I think God just wants us to hold on & endure. Holding on is doing something, it’s testing our capacity to trust & rely on God in all situations.

I’m not Nervous…and neither should you be

Taken from Pastor Steven Furtick Instagram

So, on Monday I watched this awesome message by Steven Furtick about not being nervous because God is still in control of all things. And as I scroll through social media today, his message is all that I keep thinking about.

I thought about it so much to the point I rewatched it & after the election it makes even MORE sense. Below I’ve shared the video with you and I hope you watch it and are encouraged.

But I also would like to give a friendly reminder, that as a Christian, none of us should be scared or fearful about who won the election because our HOPE is not in a man, but in CHRIST. This does not change because of who is President. There’s too many biblical examples of having terrible leaders, but God still being in control of it all.

Check out Steven Furtick’s: I know, but I’m not scared

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Side note: I have been thinking about going on another SUB30 Missions trip to New York in the Spring, so potentially proceeds from this will go towards that. I haven’t fully decided yet. But keep your ears open for further announcements.



The Dividing Line…


John 1:5  The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

Today I realized more than ever, that truth brings a dividing line. When you refuse to bow, and instead walk in truth people around you notice. When people notice, they either have the choice to accept the truth & grow, or leave. People are especially mad when you’ve once believed what they believe, but then God turns your light on and they are still left in darkness. Light repels darkness by nature. 

“There is nothing hidden that won’t be revealed, and there is nothing secret that won’t become known and come to light.”  Luke 8:17

Darkness hates light, and today at work I truly saw that. People don’t want truth like they say they do. But as a Christian, that’s all I can stand on; God’s truth and his light. And I’ve noticed that sometimes it’s not what you say, but God’s light can be seen in the choices you make. Lately I have felt like the disciples in the book of Acts, when Peter and John  said “as for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.”  (Acts4:20) When God wants to make a statement, he shines his light.

No one likes to feel exposed. No one likes to feel like the covers have been snatched off of them; believe me I get it. But I also know that when God’s light comes to expose, he wants to help you, not condemn you. I can’t tell you how many times in the last 2-3 months God has been uncovering some dark areas in my life. And even when I felt exposed and tried to run, his love would always hunt me down. I know what it feels like to be vulnerable, to be caught off guard by your own ugly truth. Sometimes I don’t think people think I have sympathy when I really do. But I also know that because I’ve been through it and can still get back up, tears and all…you can too.

My spiritual mentor has always been very big on truth and being honest with God. At first I just thought she was extra. For a while I thought, ‘let people just handle their dirt and be done with it. If they like it, I love it.’ I was never really one to fight with people about their reasoning and choices. ( Mainly because I hated when people did this to me.)  But what I now understand is, that God’s truth is his love. His light in our lives is life! But I also realize, not many people walk a life where they challenge themselves to endeavour in knowing God’s truth and HIS way.

I never would’ve thought I’d reach this point in my life where it bothered me when people would make choices that didn’t reflect wisdom. And the only reason I can say this is because I’ve walked through choices where I didn’t let wisdom lead me and I paid for it all, BIG TIME! Even now I still fight sometimes to make wise choices in areas I’ve let my old man rule for so long. ( Come through relationships! The struggle..God is working on me! I die daily.) I’ve been making the conscious choice to retrain my mind when making certain choices. I’m not saying I’m perfect by any means, but what I am saying is I now understand the value of making choices with God’s light and wisdom in mind.

The last test I went through about making a wise choice, it was like God was blaring the horns at me to show me that sometimes choices can be a matter of life and death. I mean that in the sense of, if you go this way you will be led into darkness away from the light and life of God, vs. if you go this way, God can bless you for your obedience in honoring him.  I mean saints, the fight was real. Because I had never looked at my choice with men further than just enjoying it for what it was and wanting to ride this “happy feeling” train out…whenever that would take us?

But this time, God was like NO! Look at what you would sow into your future by making this choice NOW. It could affect you so far down the road that you would waste years of your life before you knew it. Affecting even your children you might have, the path that I (God) set you on…just jacked and out of order. All because I wanted to feel ‘close and happy’ with someone in a relationship. What future investment of my soul was this guy bringing to the table? What was I bringing to the table as a future investment for his soul? Absolutely nothing, because saints…I am not well! ( A work in progress I tell you!) God really had to help me see the light and it took blaring the bright head lights all in my eyes! I mean like BLINDING LIGHT!

And sometimes when on the surface your decisions might not make sense to the average person, I know that with God, he has searched all things and knows what’s best for me. Even when I cry to let stuff go, and hold onto his truth I’ve watched him be faithful. But the only way I could reach this point was by wanting to stay in the light of his truth. I came to value his light, more than trying to play and hide in my own darkness.

John3:19 “And the judgment is based on this fact: God’s light came into the world, but people loved the darkness more than the light, for their actions were evil.”

So, I know sometimes the truth can hit you like a sucker punch, but I’ve been socked a few times too. And I know we can want to run and hide, I’ve been there. I hid out for 5 years ( while I was actively going to church, by the way!). But at the end of it, whether you like me or not, the point is God has brought truth to expose the darkness and the only person mad is the enemy. So what you really are fighting is God’s light, and I’m learning it’s not personal, just truth. 

Was Jesus not rejected by his own people? Were the disciples not stoned, and kicked out and arrested for speaking truth? Sometimes, the line has to be drawn.


Let his light shine


Focused, Fabulous & Saved


“Focused & Fabulous” (AND Saved!) Me as I am very prayerful about my job interview this morning. I’ve been searching for a job for over a year. I’ve been on countless interviews, gotten second round interviews just to be turned down.

So today I am praying that God gives me confidence & wisdom as I go forth. I’m praying that he goes before me & in all things his will be done. Whatever his will may be, my prayer is that I be at peace.

Please keep me in your prayers.

Focused, Fabulous & SAVED ❤