Monthly Archive: December, 2009

The Greatest Gift

As I sat in church service on Christmas morning, my pastor spoke about the benefits¬†Christians have by being ¬†justified through faith. (Romans 5: 1-8)¬†With this process he said that we had “benefits” so… Continue reading

Importance of Setting a Good Example unto Others

I went to my church’s youth night for the first time, and I can truly say I’ve never seen a group of young people who minister so well through their various presentations. Seeing… Continue reading

Where I AM…and where I COULD BE

I had to finally admit to God that I had problems with being lonely and that I was guilty of trying to fill my void with everything but GOD!

Simply The Beginning…..

I started this blog because I like to write. I figured if I’m going to write, I might as well share it with others. Writing for me has been a form of therapy… Continue reading