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Chapter 6 Discussion: Healing is a Choice

Moving along with our discussions from Healing is a Choice. I’m determined to get through all my discussions. Life continues to keep me busy however. But I’ll keep posting when I can nevertheless.… Continue reading

Chapter 5 discussion: Healing is a Choice

I know that I am behind on my discussion posts and I apologize. Even when you plan as hard as you might, life still happens. =(  However, I am posting better late than… Continue reading

Chapter 4 Discussion for Healing is A Choice

“Cleansing ourselves from our past helps heal our future.”

Discussion3: Chapters 2 & 3 Healing is a Choice

Welcome back to another discussion for Healing is a Choice. We are now officially on to discussion 3. Today we’ll look at Chapters 2-3. I hope everyone is enjoying reading the book. There’s… Continue reading

Book Club ( Healing is A Choice) Discussion 1: Introduction

Thank you to everyone who has tuned in to be a part of this online book club. I’m excited and ready to hear everyone’s thoughts and feed back. WELCOME TO OUR FIRST SESSION!… Continue reading

Book Club Reminder!

For those interested in being a part of my online book club, don’t forget that it starts this Friday. The book we’ll be reading is called “Change is a Choice” by Stephen Aterburn.… Continue reading

Book Club: Healing is a Choice

Lately I’ve discovered that I have come across some really great Christian books and I’ve been wanting to find a way to share them with others. What better way to share them that… Continue reading